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Laurasia [userpic]
Someone Who Does Something
Presently, I am trying to present. To make good on being someone who does things. I've been someone who does nothing for quite long enough. Just because I've had 949,3i2,332,946 botched attempts at kick-starting myself before doesn't indicate the next one's result, right? Here's to Try #949,3i2,332,947.

I'm bored of being boring. Tired of being tiring. Disappointed that I'm disappointing. I'm not sure if others think these things of me. I've just thought them of myself for a pretty long time. I have my moments, but they are just moments. I want to do things and be things for more than just moments.
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Laurasia [userpic]
October Sparks
It's my favorite time of year :) But it's so damn hot for October, I can't even tell.

Something must have clicked within, or the right chemicals mixed together and sparked an explosive reaction. Whatever the cause, I've felt a massive surge of motivation lately for everything!

It is also October 13, which means it is 8 years to the day for Justin and I. It is a weekday, and Justin had an exhausting day, so we kept it low-key. But I quite enjoyed the annual Olive Garden dinner tradition as I have every year :) We came home with Jamba Juice and watched Mulan.

It's always hard to remember when things I don't have and want seem to evade me or seem out of reach, but I don't ever let myself forget for very long: I'm incredibly fortunate to be blessed with a beautiful life, and as long as I have it, I need to treasure it. I need not to take any of it for granted, and do as much with it as I can, while I can. Nothing is ever guaranteed, and one day I may lose everything. But while I have this life, I must not let the things I do not have keep me from cherishing the things I do.

Laurasia [userpic]
< random >
If I had a super power, I'd want it to be not needing to sleep. I'd want to still be able to sleep when I wanted to -- for dreams, and for clearing the mind without outside stimuli. But I'd really want to not require sleep. That isn't a lame super power ... think about the possibilities.

< /random >
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Laurasia [userpic]
More TV (& Movie) Ramblings
I'm going to ignore the fact that I'm extremely late to the game when it comes to everything I've watched recently, ranging from 1 year-ish late to almost 2 decades late (o_o). There are a couple perfectly good explanations for that ... 1) I have not had any time to keep up with any TV for the past 3 years and am just now starting to plough through the backlog, and 2) practically nothing on TV right now holds even an ounce of interest for me, so I'm going back and watching all the good stuff from yesteryear to satisfy me instead.

Battlestar Galactica! OMG I can't contain my love for you! 8D I'm midway through Season 3, and don't know how I could have possibly watched it when it was running its course on SyFy because sometimes I have to see the next episode immediately. HAVE TO.

The best thing about waiting until a show/movie franchise/book series is no longer in production to dive into it? Instant gratification.

Recent anime consumption:

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne -- Whoa. Hard to watch. It was dark, very tragic, extremely graphic and quite disturbing. Still, it was pretty good up until the strange ending. It reminded me of the same way Neon Genesis Evangelion went off the deep end.

Fushigi Yuugi -- I've wanted to watch this one since high school. Now that I'm able to go to the gym frequently, I needed something to watch on my phone while on the elliptical machine and this was it. Very girly, lots of impossibly beautiful and effeminate male characters (yay?), the story was sometimes kind of "meh" and some things the characters did or thought were just nonsensical, but overall, enjoyable.

Gantz (Currently watching) -- Justin stumbled upon Gantz completely by accident while in Japan for his work travel. The Gantz live action movie had come out a couple weeks before, and he saw movie posters around town that looked awesome (couldn't read them, obviously, but the sight of guys in black battle suits with crazy weapons peaked his interest). He insisted that we go see the movie when I joined him over there, so we saw it (no subtitles of course -- all in Japanese and so we read a brief plot description online ahead before seeing the movie so we wouldn't be completely lost). We were able to follow the movie fairly well without understanding the dialogue, and ended up inexplicably loving it, so naturally we read up on it and discovered the anime (and it happened to be on Netflix!). We're not very far along in the series, but so fair, it's damn entertaining. Holy crap is it graphic and super gory, but the plot is a mindjob and trips me out!

I need to find more friends who've seen these things to talk about them with! :(

The Fast and the Furious franchise -- I don't know exactly why after all these years and with the fifth movie coming out this week, I suddenly want to watch all the ones I haven't seen so we can go see Fast Five this week. I avoided this franchise like the plague ever since the first one came out (when I was in high school -- this makes me feel so old!). They were all nothing but flashy, overblown mindless blockbusters that I never cared a thing for. But my recent appreciation for cars softened my stance a little. Tokyo Drift was on TV once last year and I got pulled in. Not bad. Just last weekend we watched the first one, and now I have to see 2 Fast 2 Furious and Fast and Furious (honestly, what the hell's up with these titles?). I'm not expecting much at all and normally don't ever give movies like this the time of day ... but, oh well. First time for everything.
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Laurasia [userpic]
I can't go as far as saying it's been a complete 180° turnaround in my world since getting much of my life back, so let's call it a respectable 90° :)

Gym time every weekday is magically making more and more of my clothes fit me again and has caused the bad circulation pains in my legs to vanish.

Anyone can cook ... including me, apparently? Some pretty unbelievable culinary concoctions have been popping out of the kitchen lately. Just last night, it was chicken piccata fettuccine alfredo -- something that came into being when I decided to mash two different recipes together ... as if I knew what I was doing! Miraculously enough, Justin couldn't stop praising its tastiness, and neither could I.

In other OMG I Actually Have Time for Leisure Activities news:

Just beat LittleBigPlanet 2, and now I'm super sad because I didn't want it to end. Alas, all amazing adventures must come to an end :(

Justin and I got Netflix a couple months ago, but now we can really take advantage of its awesomeness. The two most striking examples of this awesomeness would be Battlestar Galactica (the newer one) and oodles of anime.

We saw the pilot of Battlestar Galactica years ago and always meant to start watching. No time of course, so now that the series has ended and is on Netflix in its entirety, it's fantastic dramatic sexy sci-fi bliss over dinner every night. And we're only on season 2. Is there no limit to how good this series gets?

And the anime! There are no words to express my undying love for Netflix for allowing me to stream entire anime series on my TV. Thanks to you Netflix, I discovered Samurai 7, which is now one of my favorite anime series EVER. And now I can finally continue InuYasha! :D

So many creative projects I have queued up in my head. I don't even know where to start. I think they'll actually GET started this time around!

What's gotten into me? Sleep. Energy. Healthier food and exercise. Social interaction. Amazing what the basic human essentials can do for you :P

Oh my. I've excited myself.
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